Plans were made with A to go see DT movie with D this weekend, but D had to cancel. Which means there is a slight, slight, slight chance A and I might go by ourselves. That would be weird and I’m not going to count on it actually happening, but it would be nice. I would still like to meet her, just to see if she’s someone I would be interested in, but man A has been all sorts of alluring this week… ugh.

All the more reason I don’t feel like the movie will actually happen. In any event, I  WILL see it this weekend, companion or no companion, I just really do not want to see it by myself. And A was very nice about, said over and over it’d still happen but… yeah. Breath is not being held.

No word from J in a few days, not sure why… I do hope it’s for a good reason or two, not anything bad for her. After all she’s been through she really deserves some good things for a while. Some selfless, attentive guy who will make her the center of their universe, instead of the other way around. Problem is she’s always been like that and will likely attract someone who will need her more than she needs them, and the cycle will start again.

Me? I have no idea what I will attract. I’d like to think it’d be someone strong and confident with a wicked sense of humor, but maybe get wrapped up in another broker girl who I wan to fix. Though wife was damaged when I met her, not broken. I feel like I did most of the breaking there, and she let way too much of it happen.

Ugh. Too sober to go down that road.

Sleep. Maybe some TV, then sleep. Trying to stay off the weed but man it’s not easy…



Author: milesdyson3991

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