Been too long

Since I wrote in this. I guess that’s a good thing since usually when I write it’s because things aren’t going well. But now they’re just.. going. I feel like  my dependence on A has gotten to the point I don’t feel jipped when I don’t talk to her for a while. Not worrying as much about what is happening just trying to live a day after a day after a day after a day…

This week’s gonna be tough if the weather keeps this shit up. It’s ugly out there. Depressing as hell if you let it get to you…

Been talking to J a lot recently. Nice to reconnect and fill one another in on one anothers lives. It’s been too long. Speaking of being too long…

S texted and emailed me the day I came back from IL. Why? Why all of a sudden the contact? I really don’t get it and it makes me a little curious to see, reach out and see what’s what but… but man all I can think is how awful it looks now and it’s so embarrassing and I wouldn’t be able to keep it to myself. And maybe he’ll take it okay or maybe not. Things between us were not left in a good place, like R before him. But why now all of a sudden? So weird.

Two 10 yo parties last weekend. Good times. M was just as fun as last year without the neighbor-relationship-killing that followed last years…. and A’s party for her offspring was a good time, despite the awkwardness of E being there.

I still don’t get her. I want to know what she thinks and why she acts so goddamn … superior to me. That’s the thing that bugs me the most, I think. Her attitude in public. Like I’m overreacting. Fuck her.

Okay, enough of that. Sleep now.



Author: milesdyson3991

I speak I breath

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